Roof Maintenance and Repairs

All roofs suffer overtime from the ever changing weather conditions in New Zealand and specifically Auckland.  At Roof Me we believe it is very important to keep your roof maintained and in a good state of repair – discovering problems and fixing them early can drastically extend the life of your roof.  

Are you unsure of the condition of your roof? Let us provide you with a roof assessment to outline areas of concern (fee applies for full assessment).

Roof repairs we can carry out:

Minor and major leaks

Leaks can appear on older roofs and what may seem minor can become a major problem if not fixed immediately.  Leaks can be easily remedied if found early.  If leaks are left too long they can cause extensive structural damage to your home and a re-roof may be necessary as well as expensive structural repair.

Signs of a leaking roof:

  • mould on the ceilings
  • evident water damage on ceilings
  • dripping water from ceilings
  • cracked mortar on ridge tiles
  • loose/missing tiles
  • lifting iron/flashings/nail heads
  • roof damage

Call or text us on 021 1528 148 for leak repairs


Metal roofing repairs

Many older corrugated roofs may have old lead head nails for fixings because this was the norm – these may have lifted over time and need replacing with screws with rubber washers for a safer and more secure fix.

We also replace rusted sheets and rusted flashings because sometimes its only a small part of your roof that needs remedying to prevent leaks – if the roof is beyond repair a re-roof is recommended and we will let you know this. Re-roofs can be more cost effective in the long run if the repairs needed are extensive and costly.

Concrete tile repairs

As concrete tile roofs age, cracks can appear in mortar which is visually evident.  This is a sign your roof may need re-mortaring.  If not remedied, ridge tiles can be blown off in high winds causing your roof to leak.  Leaks can also appear between ridges when the mortar joints (or cuffs) have fallen out. This is due to wear and tear and roof repair will not be covered by insurance.

At Roof Me we use a pre-mixed sand and cement product to re-bed ridges and a flexible mortar to re-point ridges.  The flexible mortar comes pre-coloured and is silicone based.  This product does not crack and the colour does not fade giving your roof longer lasting and better looking ridge tiles.