On Trend roof colour for 2020-2021

On trend roofing colours for 2020-2021

Choosing a colour for your new roof, or for your replacement roof, can be a daunting decision. After all, it’s a choice you shouldn’t have to make too many times in the lifetime of your home. You want to ensure it’s one that suits the style of your home today, but also one that you’re going to be happy with for many years to come.

You might think that there are limited roof colour options to choose from, however the opposite is true. There are many colours available, however just like the interior of your home, trends do come and go.

What’s on-trend for 2020?

Tones of charcoal/grey have been top of the list for roof colour selection this year. Charcoal/Grey roofing is stylish and timeless, and works well with a wide range of exterior colours, both light and dark. COLORSTEEL®️ & COLORCOTE®️ both offer a wide range of grey tones. Light grey, dark grey, green grey, blue grey, charcoal grey… that’s right, even choosing the ‘right’ grey comes with options! You can take a look at the full range of COLORSTEEL®️ colours and COLORCOTE®️ colours on their websites.

Whether you’re renovating a heritage home or have a modern architecturally-inspired build, you can pretty much not go wrong with a charcoal/grey roof. It works well with a range of exterior cladding and joinery colours, and suits the aesthetic of both modern and older-style homes. Depending on the tone of charcoal/grey you choose, it works well in a range of environments – from coastal and rural settings, to suburban developments.

While we’ve seen grey remain the firm favourite for roof choice this year, the sleek, modern look of Ebony (Black) & Flaxpod has also been a popular option.


Choosing the right colour for your roof

When it comes time to choosing a colour for your roof, we recommend asking us for a colour sample before procedding. Colour charts are helpful, but often the colours that you see online, or on a brochure can vary from what you’ll get in real life. Ask your roofer if they can point out local examples of roofs with the same colour, so you can get a better idea of how it may look on your own property.

Here are some things to keep in mind when considering roof colour:

The environment – Some colours better suit an urban environment, while others go well in rural or coastal settings. Are you looking for something that blends in harmoniously? Or makes more of a statement?

The profile and pitch of your roof – How much of your roof will be visible? The angle and shape of your roof can impact heavily on the visual aesethetic of your home.

The style of your home – You’ll want to choose a colour that suits the style and aesthetic of the exterior of your home – for example, if you have a Mediterranean style home, an older villa or a contemporary design.

Council or covenant requirements – Some new property developments have particular covenants around colour choice. Make sure you are aware of these before making a decision.

Exisiting colour palette – If you’re renovating, consider the colours that are already featured in your property – things like stonework, paths, fences. This may help guide you in your decision. You may also choose to repeat the same colour in different spots around your property to create a harmonious and cohesive look. That could be things like your letterbox, garden shed or fence.

We work with property owners to help them make the right choice in roofing – not only the colour but also the best material for performance, durability and longevity. We also ensure the correct material is used for your specific roof (ie: pitch, location, environment). We do our best to provide advice around what colour choice will suit your home or commercial property, but in the end, it’s over to you! No matter what colour you choose, a new roof will freshen up the exterior aesthetic and boost street appeal (and therefore value) – particularly if you’re planning a sale sometime in the future and Roof Me will also ensure a high standard of workmanship and leave you with a safer,dryer and healthy place to live.

We’ve got some great examples of recent new roof and re-roofing projects over on our Facebook, Instagram and Website, so if you’d like some help making a decision about what colour is right for your property, get in touch!