To replace or repair? how to tell if your roof needs remedial work or a-full replacement

To replace or repair? How to tell if your roof needs remedial work, or a full replacement

Your roof is one of those things that is easy to ignore. After all, out of sight, out of mind, right?

That is, until leaks or damage start to show and compromise not only the appearance of your roof, but also the health and safety of your home.

Deciding on whether to completely replace your roof, or to patch it up with remedial maintenance is a big call. Do you hold out and hope it lasts until you hand over the keys to the next owner? Or how do you know it’s time to go with a full replacement?

After over 20 years in the roofing industry, I’ve seen that remedial work, followed by a reseal and paint, can sometimes still be effective for minor repairs. I’ve also seen some roofs that have been recently resurfaced/repainted when they should have been fully replaced due to the overall age and condition of the roof. It’s not only a waste of money for the homeowner as issues continue to arise, but leaves them open to other risk and expense, as keeping a tired roof in place can result in major internal damage to the home.

We also often see homeowners undertaking beautiful interior renovations of their home, but neglecting to replace what’s protecting it on the outside. We know – a new kitchen or bathroom seems like a much more appealing investment to make! But failing to consider the exterior could actually undo some of the interior updates through resulting leak damage.

So, when do you know it’s time for a full replacement?

Visual signs are what we’ll consider when evaluating whether a roof replacement is needed. These include:

  • Overall condition and age
  • Evident leaks, mould/damp spots on ceiling
  • Rust, paint corrosion, flaking
  • Lifting iron, flashings, or concrete tiles
  • Cracked mortar, broken and missing tiles
  • Lead heads on nails have fallen off
  • Poor workmanship from previous remedial work or roof fitting

Here are some before and after photos:

Repairs might be cheaper in the short term, but multiple repairs on an aging roof can start to add up. If you’re selling your home sometime in the future, a new roof makes your home look more appealing.

At Roof Me, re-roofing is our speciality. Everyday we provide advice that helps homeowners make the right decision for their home. We will always provide you with our honest, informed recommendations.

If you choose to go ahead, we’ll use quality COLORSTEEL® and ColorCote® products which have been selected by us for their performance, durability and modern finish.

So, if you’re wondering whether it’s time for a roof replacement, get in touch and we’ll arrange a time for a free quotation.